We will really appreciate your support towards:


Since we do not base in one location within the city, we go round communities; We will be looking for venues that are accessible to people which including computer labs with projector screen. Halls, auditoriums are also appreciated. If you know any that will be suitable for JUGKD activities. please support or let us know.

Partnership with Educational institutions

We are looking for Computer Science or Web Design Faculty members from Polytechnics, Colleges of Educations, Universities and Colleges in Kaduna who are progressive and willing to work with us to bring Joomla! Workshops and Seminars to their institution We will be more than Happy to spread the Joomla! LOVE. Joomla! is one of the best  open-source CMS in the world and working with the Joomla! User Group Kaduna provides students with a great opportunity  to network with established experts and increases employment opportunities in the areas of website development and design. If you know any Faculty members, Lecturers, Instructors, Trainers or whoever may be interested, please tell them about JUGKD and what our aims are so they can Get In Touch with us.


The JUGKD is absolutely NOT FOR PROFIT and  it is run by volunteers. No matter how little contribution, it helps out and sponsorship is really a great way to raise your company's profile in the web development community in Kaduna City. You can sponsor the JUGKD in any way which range from cash donations, to covering the cost of snacks and drinks, providing venues, and so on. If your company would like to explore opportunities to get great exposure through Sponsoring the JUGKD or any of its workshops and events, please Get in Touch with us