At the moment we only have meetups which is one in every 6 months. We are working closely with "core" members to  increase the frequency of our meetings.

Our events are not in any way a formal process, we ensure that all events and meetups are done in an enjoyable manner to encourage greater participation and also learn from what we have to share. Usually, we engage in discussions and or try to solves issue that are confusing to Joomla! users. Our events are held on weekends or any public holiday and we make sure the venues are secure and convenient for group members.

Discussions: Some times we will invite experts who will serve as moderators during discussions on topics related to use of Joomla!. This is good way to get answers to some questions that we may have.

Individuals can propose to the JUGD for any presentation on Joomla!, we will look into the presentation and if it meets the requirement of JUGKD, we will approve and support it. This presentation will usually include slides and questions from user group members.

We also are thinking of including Workshops to our activities. Workshop is when we have a Joomla! expert to conduct some session related to how to use and solve some Joomla! problems. It may also include training members on how to use Joomla!. At the moment we are working towards having such workshops so that members can be empowered on how to use Joomla!. If you are Joomla! expert of have anything related to the use of Joomla! to offer please Get In Touch with us.